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Results Archive

Here's where you can find the archived results of the WVFA events.

LPJS Results:


Fairfield Epee LPJS 2017

Fairfield Foil LPJS 2017

Welsh Foil LPJS 2017

Welsh Epee LPJS 2017

Welsh Epee LPJS 2016

Welsh Foil LPJS 2016


Welsh Veterans Results:

Welsh Veterans Results 2017

Welsh Veterans Results 2016

Welsh Veterans Results 2014

Welsh Veterans Results 2013

Welsh Veterans Results 2012


Celtic Challenge "Arturo, Y Ddraig" trophy holders:


Celtic Challenge Results 2017: Cardiff, S. Wales: TBA

2016: Host Dublin, Ireland. Dragon Trophy Holder: Wales.

2014: Host Edinburgh, Scotland: Dragon Trophy Holder, Scotland.

2012: Host Galacia, N. Spain: Dragon Trophy Holder: Galacia. 

2010: Host Truro, Cornwall: Dragon Trophy Holder: Wales.

2008: Host Wrexham, N. Wales. Dragon Trophy Holder: Cornwall. 

2006: Host Wrexham, N. Wales. Dragon Trophy Holder, Wales. 



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